Behind the Curtain…

Taco Cody “Taco” Beltz

Cody is the mastermind behind Nuclear Taco Productions.  In all actuality, it didn’t start as Nuclear Taco Productions, but as ETB Productions, a project which was based around Cody’s clan, the ETB Unit.  In the beginning, it was only himself and a friend that were making videos, but as it started expanding, and bringing in more people to make the videos, Cody branched out and made his own company separate from the clan.  Aside from being the Taco behind it all, Cody has been gaming since he was 5 years old.  The very first console he played on was a Sega Genesis, and his first game was Mortal Kombat.  Picking a favorite game is tough for Cody, as he has several that he likes.  His favorite genre, however, would be first person shooters, or shooters in general.  Every now and then you can find him playing an RPG, puzzle or strategy game, though.  Additionally, he loves to rock out on Rock Band.

Nuclear Taco 42


RallyChris “Rallyfox” Pinson

Is Chris a creative genius, or mad scientist?  Either way, Chris is the word alchemist that created Nuclear Taco Productions’ Renegades series.  An avid gamer and writer, he has been involved with videogames for over 30 years.  It is safe to assume that Chris has played nearly every console made – from the Odyssey system his parents brought home for him when he was a kid to his current Xbox 360.  His favorite game genres include racing, adventure, and RPG, but he’s been known to play shooters occasionally.  Chris has been an amateur writer for over 20 years.  His writing interests range from all manner of short fiction works, novellas, and machinima scripts, which landed him his position as the lead writer for Nuclear Taco Productions.  One day he hopes to become a famous writer, but for now, he stays locked up in his lab of strange and wonderful creations here at Nuclear Taco Productions.  Occasionally he is allowed out to go home to his wife and 4 cats, but we try to limit his exposure to the outside world since he randomly starts making 80s and 90s pop culture references that tend to confuse the hell out of everyone.




Danielle “Zombie” Cherie

Danni Cherie is the epitome of geek.  Obsessed with computers and videogames, she can’t get enough of either.  Since the age of 4, Danni has been playing games.  The first game that she ever played was Space Invaders on the Atari 2600.  Afterward, she moved on from the Atari to the NES, to SNES, to Playstation, Gamecube and then Playstation 2. Up until 2008, she had refused to touch an Xbox because she was an avid Sony and Nintendo fangirl.  That all changed when some friends of hers introduced her to a certain Xbox game.  Let’s just say they had her at Halo.  Danni is a zombiephile, and prone to biting sarcasm – no pun intended.  She enjoys reading as well when she is not playing games or working.  She hopes to eventually break into the game industry and become a game designer or game writer.   Danni joined the Nuclear Taco Productions staff after becoming teammates with Taco and Rally on Green Army Jr, a grifball team that has become her second family.

The Tiny Zombie