Beating a Dead Horse

Staff Blog


Here I am once again kicking a dead horse. A couple months ago I wrote an article on the Supreme Court overturning a California law about selling games to minors. In it I put how I thought it was the parent’s job to police their kids, not Uncle Sam. I still believe this and it just kills me when I see parents making blind decisions about the crap they buy for their kids.

So I’m at my local Gamestop this past week picking up my preorder game when standing in the line in front of me is a mom who looks to be in her mid 30’s or so and with her is her 2 boys who look to be aged roughly 6 and 10 (I’m just guessing). Mom is dressed nicely, and doesn’t look like the sort that would make a poor decision regarding her family. Both boys are wearing school uniforms to a local private school, so they are obviously not some local riff raff but what looks to be a good classic wholesome American family. Looks can be deceiving as I’m guessing mom is picking up the latest Wii game or something more age appropriate for her kids.

As mom steps up to the counter she tells the clerk her son has a game on preorder, then asks the older of the 2 boys what game he ordered. Battlefield 3. I’m floored. Battlefield 3? The clerk asks her, to which she responds that’s what he said he ordered. Then the next part kills me, the clerk never even mentions Battlefield 3 is a mature rated game. Does mom know that? I doubt it. I also doubt she cares at this point. She doesn’t look at the game when the clerk hands it over, instead she just hands it to her excited son. She pays and leaves and I just think to myself, wow, great parenting there.

I frequent this Gamestop fairly often as it’s the closest to my house, and this clerk was new, not the usually sales guy I see, so I’m guessing he just didn’t think about it. The regular guys I have seen many times tell parents what they are buying, but only a few times have I seen parents actually respond with questions of their own. This is why we end up having stupid laws made restricting games. Because people like mom here, don’t pay enough attention to what their kids are playing. The shock sets in when they walk in to see junior either immersed in a blood bath of killing, or when junior comes crying because someone else told the squeaker to shut the fuck up when he was playing an adult game online.

Seriously folks, what is the problem these days? You wouldn’t let your kids watch porn or a lot of rated R movies. Why do people still think all games are just for kids? Wake up America, wake the fuck up.