Today I finished up Trenched from Double Fine (Available now on Xbox Live Arcade) and I have to say this is one of the most entertaining games I have played in the last few months.  Trenched is a sort of mech/tower defense game that is playable by up to four people at one time, which makes it a great game to enjoy with your friends.

To start off, Trenched takes place in an alternate reality where you battle in a giant mobile Trench mech, a walking platform complete with sandbags and an assortment of weapons that range from machineguns and shotguns, to ridiculously oversized cannons and wave transmitters. Depending on the class of your Trench, chosen from assault, standard, and engineering, you will have an assortment of deployable turrets to throw down that range from weapons to scrap collecting magnets. The scrap bits are what you use as sort of an on battlefield currency that you trade for turrets and turret upgrades. Scrap is collected from killing Tubes, the bad guys naturally. Tubes come in all sorts of forms, some fly, some walk, some are giant, and some run at you really fast and blow up.

The gameplay of Trenched is spot on. The third person controls are smooth and pain free, and combat is as simple as pulling a trigger for one side of weapons or the other trigger for the other side. And while your guns are mapped to only 2 buttons, it never feels like a hindrance really. The turrets are deployed with the left bumper and some of the different legs’ abilities go to the A button.

Throughout the entire campaign every battle was a new challenge but didn’t take too long to figure out, including the 3 different boss battles. That’s not to say the game was easy, playing solo presents plenty of challenge to finish each level, 2 players will be challenged to gold medal each level together, but it’s not until you have completed the game and have all the most powerful weapons unlocked, that you can roll in with your 4 man squad and really feel like you’re tearing shit up. At that point you feel like a walking god of the battlefield, especially when using an assault chassis with some of the larger canons. One point I would like to make though is that when playing with multiple people it’s good to have everyone in a slightly different configuration. While everyone may want to run around in an assault mech, there were times when the engineer’s helpful repair and magnet turrets could have made life a little easier.

Trenched is best played with friends. Working as a team with specific tasks in battle makes the game so much more rewarding when victory is assured, but if I’m honest, some of our best times in the game where outside of combat. Your base and staging grounds is a sort of aircraft carrier/battleship boat and this is where you can customize your Trench, as well as your pilot. Different hats and uniforms can be purchased, with the hats giving you a different salute with each one. It’s just good clean laughs to be had by running around on deck acting silly.

All in all I can’t recommend Trenched enough, and even if you don’t have enough friends that have the game you can always jump into multiplayer and find some others on Xbox Live. So if you and some of your friends are looking for a new multiplayer game you can all play together, Trenched is definitely worth your time.