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Waffles, I’m going to talk about waffles. Why waffles? Well because waffles are great, I prefer mine with chunky peanut butter on them. And waffles are a lot like games. How so you ask? Because waffles are great, but not great all the time, and you sure can’t live on waffles alone. So what am I getting at, other than waffles being a really tasty thing to eat?

Look at it this way, I like to eat waffles as much as the next guy. I also like playing games probably a lot more than your average person, and I’m assuming if you’re reading this so do you. The problem is that I don’t want to eat waffles for every meal of every day. Games are the same way. I really like my games; they let me do all sorts of things that I am either not capable of or no longer capable of. I can go into Forza and drive any sort of car I could in no way afford in real life, or I could pop in Splinter Cell and become Sam Fisher the really cool and deadly super spy guy. The thing is though, just like waffles, there are plenty of other things I like and want to do.

For example I’m a big mountain biker, and my wife and I both like to travel to foreign lands, things you can’t really experience sitting on your couch with a controller in hand. Sure you can see plenty of stuff on TV and play all sorts of games that replicate the experience, but nothing truly compares to being there and doing it firsthand. Nothing can quite compare to feeling the rumble of a stadium packed full of rugby mad Kiwi’s watching their All Blacks play to victory. Or actually stalking down an Oregon cat trail while hunting Elk knowing that real life bears and mountain lions are out there. There’s just something about feeling the real thing, not to mention getting outside and feeling the sun on your face and the burn in your muscles. It’s all things I have experienced and couldn’t trade in for any game, nor would I want to.

So I guess the point of it all is, despite the fact we here at NTP want you to watch our machinimas and read our articles and just enjoy games and gaming, the truth is we know there are other things out there to eat besides waffles. And to be totally honest, there’s a whole other world out there to enjoy. Just make sure you come back for your regular dose of our waffles.