Welcome to the Future

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Welcome to the future.

It’s currently June 2011 and the biggest show of the gaming industry, E3, is going on right now and there are a massive number of announcements, game trailers, and other exciting news coming out of the Los Angeles based show. Amongst some of the bigger titles is a game preview that you may have missed, but is a franchise that is near and dear to me. That franchise being Warhammer 40k from Games Workshop, that THQ and Relic entertainment have made in to a video game called Space Marine.

As excited as I am about this I have been sending Cody every new game trailer that I come across for him to see, whether he wants to or not. The latest trailer from E3 I emailed him and his response to me was that it looked like a Gears clone. Of course I immediately took offense and began my response about how old the franchise was and how a chainsaw mounted gun had been done in 40K about 20 years ago, that Gears didn’t invent the 3rd person shooter, and other nonsense that any serious fan would of course spout off in their defense.

He responded simply that he had only ever played 2 other 3rd person shooters besides Gears, Alan Wake and Uncharted (neither which I would consider shooters, but that’s another argument). So it got me to thinking.

With all the new announcements at E3, how many of them are new ideas? We have Gears 3, Halo CE Anniversary, Modern Warfare 3, a Tomb Raider reboot, Forza 4, Mass Effect 3; the list goes on and on, all sequels and reboots. So what’s the problem then? Well, where are all the new ideas? Where are the new stories and new heroes and villains? And it’s not just the game industry either; Hollywood has been rehashing the same stories for years now. So are we just out of ideas? Well, yes and no.

Gears and Halo are ongoing stories, the same with Mass Effect. Tomb Raider is a needed reboot to a franchise that would doubtfully succeed today without it. But when it comes to first person or 3rd person, adventure, shooter, horror, role playing whatever genre you want to talk about, it’s not really anything new. Sure the games get prettier, the mechanics get better and overall gameplay is better now than it was when we used Rob the Robot to play Gyromite, but we are still playing games that let us be who we want and be part of the story we want to be in.

So welcome to the future, but let’s not forget the past.