Gears 3 Beta

Gears of War 3


I was fortunate enough to get a code to be able to take part in the Gears 3 beta. I only played a few days in the beta though so I will keep this short, and I won’t be going into gametypes either, just general play.

Let me start off by saying that I really only play Gears for the story. The online play has never really suited me and like I usually say, if it’s not fun then it’s not worth playing. Don’t get me wrong, Gears is a great game and I know a lot of people really like it, I just happen to suck at it.

Back to the Beta. My first impression of Gears was that it looked like the planet Sera was still a bleak and colorless place. I understand why the world of Gears looks the way it does, but personally I like color. That being said, the backgrounds and map details were excellent. All were rendered in the high quality you would expect from a game of this level and Epic definitely doesn’t let you down in the graphic department. All the character models are finely detailed and their action movements are of the highest degree.

Gameplay though for me was another thing. To start off, I honestly don’t think I will ever like to roadie run.  Every time I use it I feel like I’m driving a 2-legged car with shitty handling and a dirty windscreen. It just sucks. This isn’t the first time I have played and disliked this feature; I’ve never liked it, even from Gears 1. Another thing I don’t like about the movement is that I always feel like I’m running in mud. Maybe I’m just used to being able to sprint in just about every other game, but in Gears, even with the sensitivity turned way up, I still feel sluggish.

My other complaint is with the chainsaw Lancer. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t remember there being such a slow hold on let me pull the start cord on my chainsaw so I can attack in close combat. Seriously, if you can figure out how to attach a chainsaw as an effective bayonet, couldn’t you at least figure out a better way to activate it? Shouldn’t it have a trigger on the grip or something?  I just find it overly frustrating when you go to use a weapon and it feels like it takes way too long to activate it to make it useful.

The Sawed-Off Shotgun on the other hand, I found to be a game changer. In the right hands this weapon is just a beast, in my hands though it was pretty useless. I did notice that people that figured out how to effectively use the gun were quite dominate in multiplayer.

Still the coolest thing I saw in the beta had to be the Digger Launcher. The One-Shot may have it when it comes to ranged killing, but watching the Digger get put to use was just plain fun. Imagine a giant Bugs Bunnyish, burrowing mortar and you get what I mean. Now send it at bad guys that don’t know its coming and it gets plain comical.

So for me, the rest of Gears was pretty much the same as the previous games. I didn’t see anything that really stood out as hey wow that’s new and awesome. Ok that’s already more time I wanted to spend on Gears. Regardless of what I say it’s going to be a big hit. Will I buy it at launch? Probably not. Will I play it? Of course I will. I want to know what happens to Marcus and the gang as much as the rest of you.